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What we do

Conferences cum Exhibitions

We do research on the topics relevant with the time and do thorough work out and carve out bringing valuable stakeholders of the respective topics under one roof in the form of conferences, seminars. Our events are quite qualitative and crisp in terms of participants. We also bring together industries to share their view points as well as customer experience to the rightful audience. Conferences and exhibitions are purely B2B in nature which helps both buyers and sellers to find out appropriate solutions for one’s requirement. This in a way helps both parties reducing time anomalies and work fast. From concept to concrete we organize our event end to end. B2B also organize third party events or exhibitions both on a partner and commercial basis.

Digital Campaigns

Before running any sorts of campaign it is pertinent to have database. Since relevant people are key to the success of any event, B2B does its own data digging and find out domain experts, stakeholders relevant to given agenda. In this everlasting process we have built a huge repository of relevant people topics wise. Through various social media platforms, electronic mailers we reach out to the concern person sensitize the market with a right buzz. This helps in reaching out to the larger audience in a very short span of time. Such campaigns also helps our partners to position their respective brands to the focused audience.